Partecipazione come moderatore e relatore con presentazioni, comunicazioni orali, video e poster a numerosi convegni e congressi scientifici:



  • SIED Campania 2016.
    “La diagnosi in gastroenterologia oltre l’endscopia”
    -Moderatore sessione Stomaco
  • EURO-EUS 2016
    Oral communication:
    -A multimodal, one-session endoscopic approach for management of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer: ongoing open trial.
    -Eus-guided pancreaticogastrostomy after gastric surgery with Roux-en-Y reconstruction: a brief case series.
    -EUS guided drainage of pancreatic pseudocist after gastro-gastric anastomosys in patient with Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: the dream becames reality!
  • FISMAD 2016
    Oral communications:
    -Endoscopic management of patients with post-surgical leaks involving the gastrointestinal tract. A large case series.
    -Post-spincterotomy transpapillary balloon dilation for removal large bile duct stone is more effective and safe compared to endoscopic sphincterotomy? A meta-analysis.
    -Have intravenous proton pump inhibitors better clinical outcome respect to oral PPI in patients with peptic ulcer bleeding: a meta-analysis.
    -Eus-guided cisto-gastric drainage after eusguided gastro-gastric anastomosis to treat a simptomatic pancreatic pseudocyst in patient with roux–en-y gastric by-pass: the dream becames reality!
    -Peroral cholangioscopy via spyglass system for indeterminate biliary strictures: an effective and safe tool to distinguish malignant from benign lesions when conventional methods have failed.
    -High dose versus non high dose of proton pump inhibitors in patients with peptic ulcer bleeding after endoscopic treatment: a meta-analysis.
    -Eus-guided pancreaticogastrostomy after gastric surgery with Roux-en-Y reconstruction: a brief case series.
    -Guide wire assisted cannulation of minor papilla in pancreas divisum: our experience.
    -Safety and efficacy of undiluited n-butyl-2 cyanoacrylate injection as endoscopic rescue therapy for refractory acute nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Nuove frontiere in endoscopia digestiva XIX edizione 2014, Salerno
    -Malattia di Crohn vs Mesenterite sclerosante: una diagnosi difficile.
  • SIED Campania 2014
    -Differential diagnosis of Crohn’s disease: a diagnosis worth considering.
  • Nuove frontiere in endoscopia digestiva XVIII edizione 2013, Salerno
    -Malattia di Ménétrier

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